How are Rho shirts made?

All shirts from Rho are made with high quality materials in the USA completely free from sweatshop labor.  Then, the shirts are hand printed by me with original designs.

How should I care for my clothing?

Rho cares about creating art in the form of t-shirts that you would be able to wear and care for like you would any plain shirt.  All shirts can be washed according to what is specified on their respective tags (machine wash cold) and all can be dried on your drier's low setting.  PLEASE NOTE: the crop tops can be dried, but they will shrink an average of one size the first time that they are dried.

Shirts can be ironed, but try to keep the iron away from the designs.  The designs have been melted on the shirts with a heat press, so they may melt slightly under direct heat from an iron.

What is the return policy?

If a mistake was made on my part, such as sending an order different than the order that was placed, or if the goods arrive damaged, then email me at with your issue within 15 days of the delivery date, and I will send you a new shirt free of charge.  If you decide that you do not want a shirt you have ordered for any reason other than the reasons stated above, I will not send a new shirt.  No refunds will occur in any situation.

Can I commission any special orders or have you design something that is not on the website?

Because Rho is a one-woman operation, there is a limit to what I can produce. If you want 8 or less shirts, I will paint them by hand.  For orders of 25 shirts or more, I will design digital prints and the shirts will be designed in the same way in which all other standard Rho shirts are created. Email me at with commissioning requests and I will give you a price depending on your order size and design.