About the Designer

Kaylynn Mayo is currently a student at Haverford College. Her passion for art, design, and aesthetics somehow had a baby together, and this company is that very strange, but very awesome, lovechild. The strange and awesome lovechild is brought to you in the accessible form of casual apparel.

About the Brand

Rho designs are printed by hand on an order-by-order basis, which allows Rho to produce shirts based on your demand, and not run out of merchandise because of my supply.


Instead of explaining the 'what' behind Rho, we (I) prefer to explain the 'why'. Rho is not just a company that prints designs on t-shirts.  Rho wants to approach clothing in the form of creating artwork on a canvas--and that canvas is clothing.  In addition to Rho's approach to clothing as art, Rho cares about the way clothing is produced.  That's why all shirts are sustainably made in the USA, in a factory free of sweatshop labor.  Rho's goal is to be able to donate 30% of profits to charity starting by August 2015; help us (me) reach this goal!